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Any Dream Will Do by hellsingfanchick
Any Dream Will Do
Sooooo..... despite the fact that this is the first Quicksand piece I've posted, this is my hardcore OTP right now.  Well, any and all of my Frozen/RoTG ships are pretty hardcore, but this one took me hard.  It literally threw me on the floor and took me to the point of rug burn.

This is a re-imagining of the scene from the film "Rise of the Guardians" where Pitch "kills" or rather, corrupts the Sandman.  Sandy didn't die... they just went off and had lots and lots of sex, because Pitch doesn't get to top much.  Sandy's just like, "Oh fine... but don't think this means you'll actually get to rule the world, you queen."

So many feels for this pairing, and they will be further explained as I created more art of them... but basically my head canon pictures Sanderson and Kozmotis as lovers before the darkness took Kozmotis and turned him into Pitch, and before Sanderson became the Sandman.  Sandy is horrified to see this creature of fear and sorrow wearing the face of his former lover... but it is this very thing that keeps him going back to Pitch.  Pitch, for his part, is drawn to Sandy because whatever bit of him used to be Kozmotis still wants to be with him, but he resents Sandy's attempts to control his wrongdoing, and claims that their love isn't real and only a ploy from the Man in the Moon to keep him under control.  However, Pitch and Sandy develop a relationship more exclusive to their immortal forms, and find themselves forever tangled up in one anthers lives and beds for thousands and thousands of years.  They hate that they love one another, but at the same time can't bear to keep away.  There is true and pure love there, no matter how wracked with sorrow or plagued by denial.  It's sad and beautiful and angsty and I love it!  OR DEAR SWEET BREAKFAST PASTRY I LOVE IT SO DAMN MUCH!

Tricia and I assume that Sandy has a more humanoid form, and the cute little puffball form is mostly for the kids.  But he still need to be chubby, because Pitch is so pointy.  Too many edges rubbing together would start the most awkward fire ever....
Kink Series: Nothing For The Sane by hellsingfanchick
Kink Series: Nothing For The Sane
:bulletred:Depp Slash Pairing: Tarrant Hightopp (The Mad Hatter)/Ilosovic Stayne (The Knave of Hearts)
:bulletred:Kink: Arm Binders and Lace-Up Restraint

I love the idea of arm binders that lace up like a corset.  It seemed like something the Knave would use on poor Tarrant, who looks as if he's torn between hating life and wondering what will happen next.

Still slowly chugging along on this kink series.  It makes me a little sad, because many of these fandoms are fandoms I don't really work with much anymore, so I feel compelled to finish the series so I can cleanly leave most of my Depp fandoms behind.  They'll never be gone entirely from my art... but eventually one has to move on.  Especially when things like "Frozen", "Rise of the Guardians" and all things related to "The Hobbit" films have been attacking my brain and so many new fandoms have opened me up for inspiration.

Both characters belong to Tim Burton's/Disney's "Alice in Wonderland".
Nothing Is For Free by hellsingfanchick
Nothing Is For Free
Yeah so... my collaborator Tricia decided that Hans needed to get tag-teamed by the Duke of Weselton's henchmen, whom the fandom has named Dominic (the one with the mustache) and Fritz (the slightly more adorable one).  

And when Tricia, who I do all of my derpy slash fiction with, asks me for something.... well, she gets it.

The full version is much more explicit, and can be found at my tumblr.  I have the same username on there.
Hey guys!

It's nice to finally be steadily posting art again, and of course I still very much appreciate my watchers old and new.  I have some news for you....

My co-writer and collaborator Tricia or :iconterrabm: , the one I draw all of my fan fiction illustrations for, has made a blog on Tumblr specifically for our collaborative pieces.  No longer will my art be in one spot and her fan fiction be in another; now it is all in one place!  So you can read the stories and view the wart at the same time!  Huzzah!  Needless to say, the blog is sometimes NSFW, so tread carefully and do not go if it offends you.

I will be posting more and more to Tumblr.  I will still be posting the majority of my art here, as well as on Tumblr, but as I am twenty-two and sometimes have *cough* more mature tastes than is allowed on deviant art, any NSFW work I create will be found on my Tumblr account.

I am also open for commissions, should that interest you at all.

Now, where was I... Ah yes!  Back to the fan art!!!!!

EDIT: We had to do some switching around in order to make our joint blog a group blog, so now the link to Tricia's and my joint Tumblr blog is correct.  Use the link below!


:star:MY TUMBLR! =>

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